Welcome to rest house "My Memento" Čortanovci

„Stražilovo and Sremski Karlovci, Fruška gora, pretty Čortanovci“.
Čortanovci are located on the slopes of the mountain Fruska Gora the National Park. From the time of the Austro-Hungarian place is known by a very favorable micro-climate and is very healthy for asthma, lung disease etc. When in Europe tuberculosis raged, in this region that was not the case. About 16 air currents are passing through Čortanovci, due to the proximity of the Danube one current comes from the Carpathians. In Čortanovci there are remains of the Roman city of the third century, the area is inhibited with sixteen monasteries. Not far from Cortanovci are places: Sremski Karlovci Inđija, Petrovaradin (Petrovaradin Fortress), Novi Sad and Belgrade which is just 75 km distant.